RAC Team

Names & Designation Department Committee Position
Prof. Dr. Maryam Rashid
Prof. Dr. Iram Manzoor
Community Medicine & Director DME
Prof. Dr. Atika Masood
Pathology & Secretary DME
Asso. Prof Dr. Sadia Minhas
Oral Pathology & Vice Principal of Dental College
Prof. Dr Fariha Qureshi
Asso. Prof. Dr. Nadia Wali
Asso. Prof. Dr. Sadaf Waris
Oral Pathology
Assist. Prof. Dr. Maimona Tabssum
Assist. Prof Dr. Asima Ayyub

Message By Chairperson:

Dear Members of the Research Advisory Committee,

I hope this message finds you well. As the Chairperson of our esteemed committee, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your dedication and hard work in advancing our research endeavors.

Your expertise and insights have been invaluable in guiding our research projects, and I am excited about the progress we have made together. As we continue to pursue excellence in our respective fields, I encourage open communication, collaboration, and the sharing of innovative ideas.

Thank you for your unwavering support, and I look forward to our achievements in the world of research.

dr mariam rashid
Dr iram Manzoor

Message By Co-Chairperson:

Dear Members of the Research Advisory Committee

As co-chairperson of this committee, I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. Together, we can continue to explore new frontiers in research, contribute valuable insights to our field, and make a meaningful impact on our organization’s goals.

In the coming months, we have some exciting projects on the horizon, and your input will be crucial to their success. I encourage you to continue sharing your ideas, collaborating with your fellow committee members, and fostering an environment of innovation and excellence.