Archiving Policy

Digital Archiving & Preservation

The Digital archiving and preservation policy of JAMDC is in a continuous process of improvement. This policy ensures that all data published to date is not only stored but backed up and accessible in digital formats as a long-term process.

Website Archiving:

The electronic format of the manuscripts published since 2019 are freely available on the journal website. The content on the journal’s official website is online and accessible to readers all the time.

While the copy of the same content is also kept as a backup on another server under the supervision of the Highly Skilled IT Department at Akhtar Saeed Medical & Dental College, Lahore. In case of the downfall of the main server due to any possible reason, the other server is made online within 24-48 hours to all the readers.


Authors are able to archive the final published version of their manuscripts in personal or institutional repositories immediately after publication.