Complaint Process

JAMDC welcome complaints as they provide an opportunity and a chance for improvement, and we try our best to respond quickly, courteously, and constructively. If any reader, author or reviewer has any complaints against the journal policies, procedures and editorial/staff it may be submitted to “” with a subject mentioning COMPLAINT.

Please write your complaint with journal title, vol. no., issue no., paper ID, paper title, page no.

Criteria of a Complaint:

Complaints may  be submitted regarding issues related to:

  • Authorship complaints.

  • Ethical/ quality related issues of research.

  • Plagiarism/fabrication/falsification complaints.

  • Multiple, duplicate, concurrent publication/Simultaneous submission.

  • Undisclosed conflicts of interest.

  • Reviewer bias or competitive harmful acts by reviewers.

Policy for Handling Complaints:

  • All the complaints would be dealt according to COPE Guidelines.

  • Upon receiving complaint inquiry will be done and a request will be made to compliant to justify his/her claims.

  • The Editor will investigate the complaint and after enquiry report decision will be established about the complaint, which will be communicated to all relevant quarters.

  • Whereas, JAMDC puts every effort  to improve the standard of  publication and  make it error therefore,  we accept the fact that occasionally mistakes might happen. We appreciate highlighting any error or mistake to be corrected.