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The idea of Akhtar Saeed Medical and Dental College (AMDC) was conceived by Dr Farooq Saeed Khan (Chief Executive Farooq Group of Companies).
It is established with the aim of providing state of the art medical education and produce graduates with highest academic, cognitive and psychomotor skills.

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Our vision

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Our vision is to be recognized nationally and internationally for the innovation and excellence in Medical Education, and contributions to advancing standards of clinical practice. Culture of research will be inculcated in both students and teachers of the institute, later on embarking on post graduate medical and nursing education in planned.

Students are considered partners in this goal . They are provided with best teachers , environment and guidance so that they can turn out to be leading professionals of Pakistan.

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Akhtar Saeed Trust Teaching Hospital

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Akhter Saeed Trust Hospital 350 bedded Medical Hospital affiliated with A.M.D.C.Akhter Saeed Hospital has been registered as a Non-profitable Charitable Organization since 1st July 2000. Pakistan is a developing country where there is a gradual increase in the number of people falling below the poverty line.

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  • Introduction


  • Our vision

    Our vision

  • Akhtar Saeed Trust Teaching Hospital

    Akhtar Saeed Trust Teaching Hospital



Pathology comprises of General & S p e c i a l P a t h o l o g y i n c l u d i n g H i s t o p a t h o l o g y , M i c r o b i o l o g y , Hematology, and Chemical Pathology.Pathology Teaching of general principles are supplemented by experimental work by which students are equipped with the skills required for the collection of different specimens for pathological analysis and are able to perform commonly used tests done in a side room laboratory. The aim is to produce clinicians with better understanding of the disease process so that they objectively use diagnostic tools designed to help them reach a conclusive diagnosis in the shortest possible time. The curriculum therefore covers every known aspect of modern day investigations being carried out across the globe.

The Department consist of following sections:

  • Pathology Museum
  • Chemical Pathology laboratory
  • Hematology laboratory
  • Microbiology laboratory and Demonstration Room
  • Histopathology diagnostic & teaching lab
  • The specimens include Biopsies
  • FNACs by cytological fluids received from Akhtar Saeed Trust Teaching Hospital
  • Farooq Teaching Hospital Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore
  • Farooq Teaching Hospital Westwood Colony, Lahore
Routine stains and almost all special stains are being used as diagnostic help for reporting.

Teaching and learning strategies

The academic session includes the following activities.

Lectures: Are delivered by experienced senior faculty members.

Practical Microbiology: Bench work includes culture and sensitivity, biochemical tests, different types of staining and serology.

Histopathology: Bench work includes grossing of the biopsy specimen, tissue processing, preparation of histopathological slides.

Museum Classes: Well preserved gross specimens of all systems of Pathology are kept as ready reference for the tutors & the students. Routine discussions are carried out to highlight the gross Pathology & clinical implications of the particular disease.

Tutorials: Small interactive group discussions are carried out among the students & the tutors.

Difficult topics are discussed with the help of modern audio/visual aids.

Journal Club: Students are encouraged to read latest journals, pick up interesting topics and present these in front of the peers & faculty members. This exercise is to highlight the importance of day to day variations and newer concepts being brought about in the subject of Pathology & to develop good communication skills in the students.

Paper / Poster Competitions: Scientific projects with aesthetic sense are given to students. Senior faculty members will subject research papers / posters to thorough scrutiny for prize distribution. Objective of this exercise is to develop research aptitude in the students.

CME: Pathology department holds CME, related to current Pathological problems every week. For the training of Junior staff members.

Admission Updates

Admission Information Contact Number
Pharm D Form 2019-20
DPT Form 2019-20
Allied Form 2019-20
BSN & CNA Nursing Form 2019-20
Affidavit Form MBBS
Admission Information
As Per Public Notice By PMDC, AMDC has been Placed in "A" Category
Admission Criteria For MBBS & BDS 2018-19 (New)
BDS Form 2018-19
MBBS Form 2018-19