Plagiarism Policy

The Journal of Akhtar Saeed Medical and Dental College Lahore (JAMDC) bears the responsibility to promote the highest level of ethics and academic integrity in the field of medicine and thus aims to publish high-quality, original scientific work. The manuscripts submitted for publication go through a dynamic peer-review process in order to maintain the trust of our readers, authors, researchers, and reviewers. This cannot be achieved if plagiarism is abided or if the concept of plagiarism is not fully understood by the researchers.

According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, Plagiarism is defined as “taking and using the thoughts, writing, and invention of another person as one’s own”. It is an intellectual crime and is a violation of copyright law.

The editorial board of JAMDC deals with plagiarized articles / manuscripts and has adopted a strict policy in accordance with the HEC guidelines to minimize plagiarism.

1. All authors of the manuscript are responsible for intellectual integrity of the submitted manuscript and if they have used the research results or words of others, that has to be properly quoted or cited.

2. Any material sourced from the authors’ previous work, if not referenced properly (self-plagiarism), will be rejected.

3. All submitted manuscripts will be checked for plagiarism by the turnitin software. A similarity index (SI) of 18% or less is required for acceptance into the review process.

4. A similarity index of 19%-30% has to be reviewed and corrected by the author within a time period of two weeks. After resubmission, it will be scanned again and after a satisfactory report (Sl below 18%), will be sent for peer review. If author fails to comply, the article will be sent back and if after second revision the author fails to bring similarity index down to permissible limit, the manuscript will be rejected.

5. Similarity index of 40% or more is sufficient to reject the submitted manuscript.

6. If author(s) do not respond in time, are unable to justify the increased similarity index of their manuscript or a published article is proven to be plagiarized, an immediate disciplinary action will be taken by the editorial board ranging from rejection of the submitted manuscript and retraction of the article from the journal website, to debarring the author(s) from future publications in the journal either for a specified or an indefinite period.

7. In case of plagiarism proven after publication, the board may contact the head of the institution to which the author(s) belong(s) and also notify the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and / or Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC).