Ethical Guidelines

JAMDC aims to maintain the highest ethical standards for the articles it publishes. In order to do so, the Journal follows established international standards and guidelines on the conduct and publication of health research including: World Medical Association’s Declaration of Helsinki; the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE); and the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME). Adherence to ethical standards for the conduct and reporting of research is not only morally imperative but it also results in better and more meaningful research. 

Guidelines for Authors and Reviewers

1. The manuscript must have been submitted exclusively to JAMDC for publication. A disciplinary action will be taken if the work has already been published or accepted for publication elsewhere.

2. It is mandatory to provide institutional review board (IRB) approval for all research articles on human or animal studies.

3. Informed consent of the participants is mandatory. Authors may be asked to provide copies of detailed informed consent form, given to the participants.

4. The privacy rights of participants must always be observed.

5. Research involving animals will also be expected to follow the ethical guidelines.

6. Data and records must be retained and produced for review upon request.

7. Clinical trials should be registered before undertaking the trial.

8. Studies on unregistered drugs or vaccines must have a permission letter from Drug Regulatory Authority.

9. Authorship criteria

Persons who meet the following ICMJE authorship criteria can be listed as authors:

      9.1  Have made essential contributions in creating or designing the study, and data analysis and interpretation.

      9.2  Have taken part in drafting the manuscript or have critically revised it.

      9.3  Have thoroughly read and approved the final version to be published.

Those who have given their valuable contribution in the study but do not meet the above mentioned authorship criteria can be mentioned in acknowledgements.

10. Authors have to state all sources of funding for the study.

11. Any conflict of interest (financial or personal) must be declared by the author.

12. Any allegation or evidence of scientific misconduct will be taken seriously by the editorial board and may be notified to PMDC or HEC.

13. It is ensured that peer reviewers maintain the confidentiality of the manuscript under review.

14. JAMDC holds the copyright to all the material printed in the journal.

15. A duly filled-in and signed author’s certification proforma is needed at the time of publication. The corresponding author provides information about the specific contributions of each author.