In the light of instructions issued by Govt. of Punjab Primary &Secondary HealthCare Department Reference NO. SO (EP&C)1-8/2020) the following SOP’s were formulated to Prevent COVID-19 spread at AMDC and its hostels.


  1. Hand Hygiene: The hostel residents will be directed to practice frequent hand wash with soap & water for 40 seconds or rub with 60% alcohol-based sanitizer for 20 seconds. They will be advised to wash hands on reaching back to the hostel before engaging in any activity or interaction.
  2. Respiratory Hygiene: Hostelized will wear face masks in hostel premises.
  3. In Biseaters Room: The beds will be kept 6 feet apart to maintain social distance.
  4. All Indoor activities like Communal TV watch, Newspaper reading & indoor games in the hostels/gym will remain closed.
  5. The body temperature of all hostel’s residents will be taken at 08:00 pm daily before the night attendance.
  6. Students & staff will not be allowed to dine-in the dining halls, take away services will be provided to all students.
  7. Students will being their own crockery and will take their food to their rooms.
  8. Health logbook for all hostel residents will be maintained.
  9. The hostel wardens will deliver COVID-19 prevention messages during their hostel rounds.
  10. Cleaning and disinfection: Full-time cleaners for washrooms & toilets will be deputed by the wardens.
  11. The hostel administration will maintain sufficient stock of soap, hand sanitizer & face masks in hostels.
  12. Hostel buildings/rooms will be thoroughly cleaned 3 to 5 days before opening. The surface will be cleaned to make it dust & dirt free and then wiped with 1% sodium hypochlorite solution. Frequent cleaning of floors, furniture, equipment, doors (knobs &handles), restrooms, washbasins, and toilets will be done.