• Salman Khan Khan Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
  • Ayub Khan Associate Professor Medicine Department
  • Zia ullah Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
  • Akhtar MBBS, FCPS Senior Registrar, Department of Medicine
  • Wasim Trainee Officer, Medical Department of Medicine,
  • Shehzad MBA hospital management, MPH


Thrombocytopenia, Liver cirrhosis, Chronic Hepatitis, platelets



Patients with cirrhosis frequently exhibit thrombocytopenia, which might prompt an unnecessary referral for a bone marrow biopsy. The frequency of thrombocytopenia in liver cirrhosis is largely unknown in the study area. The main aim of our study is to evaluate prevalence thrombocytopenia in such patients in the study area.


A retrospective cross-sectional study was conducted on 268 confirmed liver cirrhosis patients for thrombocytopenia in Khyber teaching hospital, Peshawar. Both, male and female subjects with establish liver cirrhosis were included in the study while Patients having concurrent illness which can induce thrombocytopenia like malaria, dengue fever, ITP, malignancy. This study takes a total of six months duration. Data analysis was done using SPSS software for Windows (Version 20.0, SPSS Inc. Chicago).


 Results showed that 74.8% of the studied subjects were diagnosed with thrombocytopenia while 25.2% were normal. Thrombocytopenic patients were also categorized into mild, moderate, and severe. Among different age groups, severe thrombocytopenia was found to be highest in all age groups having 113 (42.2%) subjects. Consequently, Severe thrombocytopenia in age group 51-60 years were diagnosed in 99 (36.9%) cirrhosis patients which is statistically significant with p-value =0.032. In addition, 56 (20.9%) of the age group 31–40 year age were diagnosed for severe thrombocytopenia.


Our study concluded that thrombocytopenia showed be the primary parameter while to check for complications, related to liver cirrhosis.

Author Biographies

Ayub Khan, Associate Professor Medicine Department

Associate Professor Medicine Department

Saidu Group of Teaching Hospital, Swat, KPK.

Zia ullah, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine,

Saidu Group of Teaching Hospital, Swat, KPK.

Akhtar, MBBS, FCPS Senior Registrar, Department of Medicine


Senior Registrar, Department of Medicine,

Saidu Group of Teaching Hospital, Swat, KPK.

Wasim, Trainee Officer, Medical Department of Medicine,

Trainee Officer, Medical Department of Medicine,

Saidu Group of Teaching Hospital, Swat, KPK.

Shehzad, MBA hospital management, MPH


MBA hospital management, MPH

RN officer Medicine Department

Saidu Group of Teaching Hospital, Swat, KPK.


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