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Outcome # 01:

To ensure that it offers academic programs in medical and health sciences at high quality which is recognized locally, regionally, and internationally.

Outcome # 02:

To promote openness, diversity, fairness and academic freedom.

Outcome # 03:

To ensure that its graduates are equipped with knowledge and skills which allow them to enter the medical and health sciences fields as self-learners, critical thinkers, team players, ethically oriented, and to contribute to the development of the society they live in.

Outcome # 04:

To contribute to the advancement of medical and health sciences knowledge and practice through its support of research activities conducted by its faculty and students.

Outcome # 05

To render ethical healthcare and service to all patients with highest degree of accountability to self and community.

Outcome # 06:

To accentuate the growth of the institute by promoting various academic activities, by establishing inter-departmental alliance with Health University and PM&DC.

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Admission Updates

Admissions 2019-2020
Admission Information Contact Number
Pharm D Form 2019-20
DPT Form 2019-20
Allied Form 2019-20
BSN & CNA Nursing Form 2019-20
Affidavit Form MBBS
Admission Information
As Per Public Notice By PMDC, AMDC has been Placed in "A" Category
Admission Criteria For MBBS & BDS 2018-19 (New)
BDS Form 2018-19
MBBS Form 2018-19