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The idea of Akhtar Saeed Medical and Dental College (AMDC) was conceived by Dr Farooq Saeed Khan (Chief Executive Farooq Group of Companies).
It is established with the aim of providing state of the art medical education and produce graduates with highest academic, cognitive and psychomotor skills.

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Our vision

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Our vision is to be recognized nationally and internationally for the innovation and excellence in Medical Education, and contributions to advancing standards of clinical practice. Culture of research will be inculcated in both students and teachers of the institute, later on embarking on post graduate medical and nursing education in planned.

Students are considered partners in this goal . They are provided with best teachers , environment and guidance so that they can turn out to be leading professionals of Pakistan.

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Akhtar Saeed Trust Teaching Hospital

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Akhter Saeed Trust Hospital 350 bedded Medical Hospital affiliated with A.M.D.C.Akhter Saeed Hospital has been registered as a Non-profitable Charitable Organization since 1st July 2000. Pakistan is a developing country where there is a gradual increase in the number of people falling below the poverty line.

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  • Introduction


  • Our vision

    Our vision

  • Akhtar Saeed Trust Teaching Hospital

    Akhtar Saeed Trust Teaching Hospital


Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation


Dr Muhammad Mahmood Alam

B.Sc., Physiotherapy

(Mayo Hosp. K.E.M.C)

Due to special interest in the subject of Alternative Medicine he qualified his M.D. & later on Ph.D. in the said subject.

Equipment & Facilities

  1. Ultrasonic Therapy Unit
  2. Short wave diathermy
  3. Electric Nerve Stimulator
  4. TENS Unit
  5. Infra Red Rays Unit
  6. Cervical Traction
  7. Rehab. Services for Paralysis & Post Operative Complications



Indoor Patients

All indoor patients needing physiotherapy services are well looked after . Chest Physiotherapy has a vital role in the patients suffering from pulmonary diseases. Post Operative Cases are also attended in the wards as desired by referring surgeons.

Future Plans

The basic rehabilitation facilities are being provided in the department but we plan to have a well equipped gymnasium in future. With addition of a gym, the department with cater the rehabilitative facilities in a broad based and organized manner.

Last Date for Submission of Admission Forms has been extended till 14/Nov/2017

Admission Information For MBBS & BDS 2018
Admission Criteria For MBBS & BDS 2018-19 (New)
BDS Form 2018-19
MBBS Form 2018-19
Pharm D Form 2018-19
DPT Form 2018
Allied Form 2018-2019
As Per Public Notice By PMDC, AMDC has been Placed in "A" Category Affidavit Form MBBS
Admission Information
BSN & CNA Nursing Form 2018-19