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The idea of Akhtar Saeed Medical and Dental College (AMDC) was conceived by Dr Farooq Saeed Khan (Chief Executive Farooq Group of Companies).
It is established with the aim of providing state of the art medical education and produce graduates with highest academic, cognitive and psychomotor skills.

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Our vision

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Our vision is to be recognized nationally and internationally for the innovation and excellence in Medical Education, and contributions to advancing standards of clinical practice. Culture of research will be inculcated in both students and teachers of the institute, later on embarking on post graduate medical and nursing education in planned.

Students are considered partners in this goal . They are provided with best teachers , environment and guidance so that they can turn out to be leading professionals of Pakistan.

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Admissions Open 2019-2020

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Akhter Saeed Trust Hospital 350 bedded Medical Hospital affiliated with A.M.D.C.Akhter Saeed Hospital has been registered as a Non-profitable Charitable Organization since 1st July 2000. Pakistan is a developing country where there is a gradual increase in the number of people falling below the poverty line.

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  • Introduction


  • Our vision

    Our vision

  • Admissions Open 2019-2020

    Admissions Open 2019-2020



Akhtar Saeed Medical & Dental College have the following multidimensional outcomes;

1. To ensure that it offers academic programs in medical and health sciences at high quality, which is recognized locally, regionally, and internationally.

To design, develop and offer Undergraduate programs after the accreditation process is completed for the respective undergraduate program:
a) Medical Program (MBBS)
b) Dentistry (BDS)

2. To promote openness, diversity, fairness and academic freedom.

  • To demonstrate the ability to organize, record, research, present, critique and manage health science related information.
  • To demonstrate the ability to work effectively as part of a health care team with appreciation for the multiple contributions of other health care professionals to the health of the individual and the health of the community.
  • To monitor the access students, faculty and administrative staff have to records, faculty development and seminars.
  • To evaluate coordinators, supervisors, students and patients in relation to diversity and fairness and to ensure the key results are entered into the annual strategic plan for action and review.
  • To promote interdisciplinary opportunity for students and staff.

3. To ensure that its graduates are equipped with knowledge and skills which allow them to enter the medical and health sciences fields as self-learners, critical thinkers, team players, ethically oriented, and to contribute to the development of the society they live in.

  • To manage common, non-critical conditions independently as well as help to assist in the management of critically ill patients.
  • To develop strategies to support lifelong learning via both print and electronic sources and to remain current with the advances in medical and health sciences knowledge, skills and practice.
  • To demonstrate the ability to acquire new information and data and to critically appraise its validity and applicability to one’s professional decision.
  • To demonstrate the ability to communicate compassionately and effectively, both verbally and in writing with colleagues, patients and their families.
  • To display the personal attributes of compassion, honesty and integrity in relationships with patients, colleagues and communities.
  • To exhibit a capacity for self-evaluation, moral reflection and ethical reasoning to form the basis for a self-directed, lifelong engagement and involvement in the medical and health sciences profession.
  • To monitor the outcomes of the strategies to support lifelong learning for students, academic faculty and admin staff and to ensure the key results are entered into the annual strategic plan for action and review.

4. To contribute to the advancement of medical and health sciences knowledge and practice through its support of research activities conducted by its faculty and students.

  • To encourage faculty to participate in scholarly activities by attending conferences, seminars and enabling them to publish research papers in scientific journals.
  • To facilitate the faculty to write for research projects and receive research grants.
  • To facilitate the utilization of intellectual property of the University for the betterment of the humanity at large.
  • To monitor budgetary support of and access to conferences, external seminars, research and to ensure the key results are entered into the annual strategic plan for action and review.

5. To render ethical healthcare and service to all patients with highest degree of accountability to self and community.

  • To be able to describe and discuss the implications of basic ethical principles including confidentiality, informed consent, truth telling and justice for the care of the patient.
  • To demonstrate the ability to educate the patients and community about various health problems and to motivate them to adopt health promoting behaviors.
  • To monitor student and faculty access to continuing education programs, speakers bureaus, clinical training and to carry out patient and community surveys and to ensure the key results are entered into the annual strategic plan for action and review.

6. To accentuate the growth of the University by promoting various academic activities, by establishing inter-institutional alliance with premier health Universities and organizations.

  • To foster interaction with industries, to promote research, infrastructure development and student placement.
  • To establish consortia agreements with other premier health institutions and Universities to foster academic research collaboration including faculty and student exchange.
  • To monitor the development of outreach programs, internships, collaboration with other universities/institutions and to ensure the key results are entered into the annual strategic plan for action and review.

To monitor the development of a career planning unit and to ensure the key results are entered into the annual strategic plan for action and review.


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